Thursday, July 15, 2010

Controversy in Wisconsin

Good story, Mr. Wallis. Despite the horrible things said, I'm glad that you and Mr. Lenz stuck things out with humble truth. That's what it will take, I believe: polite but firm truth, even in the face of dishonest attacks. Some will refuse to change their minds, no matter what (in the face of facts, one such man recently told me that he doesn't believe any news/information organization, but only what he "feels in his heart"), but that does not change what our response should be.

Most people find it difficult to stand up to this kind of behavior, but it must be done. Jesus frequently confronted those of his day who clung to falsehoods and hypocrisy, and he is the model those of us who call ourselves Christians ("Little Christs") should follow. If we don't, the hoaxes and lies persist and grow, lacking firm opposition. The people behind them come to be seen as the majority, and believe they represent that, when, in fact, they are simply the loudest.
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