Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Are YOU The Source of Our Nation's Growing Intolerance?

As a fairly opinionated political moderate who enjoys discourse, I've had very similar experiences with both those on the right and on the left over the past 6 years or so. In both cases I've been assumed to be of the opposing political belief system, and subjected to abusive statements without cause as a result. Most recently a conservative told me to "fall off a cliff" when I pointed out some factual errors, but I've had similar experiences in the past with more liberal folks, and not just from the US, either.

Some have insinuated that I was being dishonest when I expressed opinions not in keeping with one party line or another, believing no middle ground could possibly exist. In reality, I have found that the warfare has left a large no-man's-land, in which many moderates have chosen to go underground rather than receive fire from both sides.

Personally, I dislike the word "tolerance," which implies too much passivity for me. I feel a more active virtue, such as respect for those we find ourselves in disagreement with, must be used to counteract poor behavior. We must each find and recognize the value in dissenting opinions, even when we disagree with them, not simply tolerate them.
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