Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Marcus Wesson is sick, to state the obvious.

The news has been shouting every detail of Michael Jackson's disturbed nature, but Marcus Wesson is far worse.

This man is just about as sick as they come. I just can't understand how the system failed to catch on to him sooner. He had multiple children with his own daughters and neices, even when they were underaged, then kills several of his kids when it looks like they might finally be taken away.

The other thing that is so utterly reprehensible is how some of his family is still sticking by him. I can understand if they don't believe that he killed the kids. What gets me is that they seem to have no problem with him treating the girls in his family like his own harem. When it's shown that he is father and grandfather to some of these children, how can they still condone it?

I don't really care if he actually is executed or not, Wesson just needs to be permanently kept away from his family.

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