Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Glenn Beck to Jesus: Drop Dead

While my initial reaction was outrage, I've decided to focus more on the humor of being called a CommuNazi (might as well make up a word for a made-up political combination). I've been mentioning that I've had the urge to put myself in a concentration camp, and being communist and nazi at the same time would apparently explain that.

Glenn Beck's astounding ignorance of Religion, Political theory, and History make for a completely absurd set of statements. Given his claim to be a researcher, he should know better, but of course, he doesn't want to. Beck would rather be ignorant than knowledgeable. If he obtained actual knowledge, it might interfere with his ability to make wild claims and bizarre conspiracy theories without apparent cognitive dissonance. Of course, this is all assuming the best of him and that Beck isn't simply lying in order to manipulate others ignorant of these things.
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